Cate Whittemore is an  American artist, teacher, and theatrical painter who has collaboratively created scenery for movies, television, and Broadway hits, including the currently running “The Book of Mormon”.  Realizing myriad set designs has made her fluent in many styles and techniques. Her work embodies both classical and contemporary technique, figurative and non-objective imagery, in which she finds metaphysical meaning.  “Painting can be a way to access one’s subtler self, transcending the intellect.   Exploring the instability and fluid logic of paint allows alternative information to flow.”



My painting practice is an adaptable, flexible approach to creative, visual engagement, embodying  fluctuating states of mind, and diverse elements.  Expressively drawing and painting, curating, teaching,  and writing all help me by fostering self-examination,  self-awareness, and self-reliance.  


Contact me at  CATEWHITTEMORE@gmail.com

Cate Whittemore           painting prison bars for a Legally Blonde Tour backdrop           2010            Scenic Art Studios    Cornwall, NY

Cate Whittemore 1982 Smithsonian Magazine cover article
Cate Whittemore 1982    Smithsonian Magazine                                                                                        cover article on The Minneapolis Children’s Theater


MFA / U of MN

BA /Connecticut College

Studio and Forum of Stage Design  NYC

Cate Whittemore / Golden Artist Educator 2016
Cate Whittemore  Golden Artist Educator  2016

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