2018 GREECE painting retreats

2018  SKYROS        Cate Whittemore       ART COURSES   www.skyros.com

Cate Whittemore 2017 "Watercolor Reimagined" Skyros.com
Cate Whittemore 2017 “Watercolor Reimagined” Skyros.com
Cate Whittemore 2017 Atsitsa Bay "Watercolor Reimagined" Skyros.com
Cate Whittemore     2017     Atsitsa Bay            “Watercolor Reimagined” Skyros.com
Atsitsa, Greece, Art Studio
Skyros / Greece/  Art Studio

come paint with me in SKYROS, Greece this summer….www.skyros.com

August 4-17 “Paint What You Love” @ The Skyros Center, Skyros

A unique series of liberating watercolor experiments and explorations, finding beauty in mistakes, tuning-in to develop, enrich and inform understandings of what painting can be. All levels welcome.

August 18-31 “Collaborative Painting” @ Atsitsa, Skyros, Greece

A unique way to experience painting ~ WITH the sea water, and WITH the island ~ situated at the water’s edge, in ATSITSA, sometimes even submerging the paper, we deepen into observation, reverence, process, and find communion with this unspoiled place. Cocreate, explore and respond to the island in collaborative & individual painterly ways. All levels welcome.



One thought on “2018 GREECE painting retreats”

  1. HI Cate,
    Thanks for the e-mail. Your watercolors are lovely. I hope you teaching classes go well. My show at Sunflower looks good and the Dante painting got framed in a bronze floater frame and there is a small framed poem by him next to it. I am so happy that you helped me with my paintings and feel much better about them. Hope you are well and you meet wonderful people in Greece. My best,

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