2018 GREECE painting retreats

2018  SKYROS        Cate Whittemore       ART COURSES   www.skyros.com

August 4-17, 2018     @ Skyros Center /Skyros / GREECE

“Paint What You Love”  ~     ‘WATER & COLOR”   A series of playful invitations to experiment with color and form,  @  The SKYROS Center.

August 19-31 @      Atsitsa  /  Skyros  /  GREECE

Painting & Collaborations ~  Collaborative adventures in the land and seascape of remote, unspoiled, ancient Atsitsa, SKYROS.    Explore, commune,  respond to the island, making  offerings, paintings, natural shrines, collaborative devotional acts.  Individual and co-creative projects will be supported and invited.


Cate Whittemore 2017 "Watercolor Reimagined" Skyros.com
Cate Whittemore 2017   “water and sand as co-creators”  “Watercolor Reimagined” Skyros.com
Cate Whittemore 2017 Atsitsa Bay "Watercolor Reimagined" Skyros.com
Cate Whittemore     2017     Atsitsa Bay            “Watercolor Reimagined” Skyros.com
Participant work 'Underwater abstraction" "Watercolor Reimagined" w/Cate Whittemore 2017 skyros.com
Participant work ‘Underwater abstraction” “Watercolor Reimagined” w/Cate Whittemore 2017 skyros.com
 "Collaborative Backdrop" w/Cate Whittemore 2017 skyros.com
“Collaborative Backdrop Painting”  w/Cate Whittemore        2017 skyros.com
"Night Sky"
Skyros / Greece /    participant artwork 2016 “Night Sky”
Atsitsa, Greece, Art Studio
Skyros / Greece/  Art Studio




One thought on “2018 GREECE painting retreats”

  1. HI Cate,
    Thanks for the e-mail. Your watercolors are lovely. I hope you teaching classes go well. My show at Sunflower looks good and the Dante painting got framed in a bronze floater frame and there is a small framed poem by him next to it. I am so happy that you helped me with my paintings and feel much better about them. Hope you are well and you meet wonderful people in Greece. My best,

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